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Versatile and easy to clean

Features and Benefits

Tilt and turn allows you to tilt the window inwards, for ventilation, or alternatively .open fully inwards which will allow for easier cleaning. Furthermore, this product can also be incorporated within Bays and Bows style windows.

Window in tilt action
Window in Tilt action state.
Handle turns 180° to open the window in the Tilt state.

Other key options include;

Technical Specification

Tilt & Turn windows consist of opening in sashes, which can be operated in two ways. Turn handle 90° to tilt top of sash inwards with restrictors (hinged at bottom), turning handle a further 90° allow sash to open fully inwards, hinged on the side for access and cleaning.

Available in a multitude of styles and various finishes.

Window in turn action
Window in Turn action state.
Handle turns 90° to open the window in the Turn state.