All our products have been designed to provide maximum security and peace of mind, find out how.

Security you can rely on. Expect nothing less

Whether it's our unique 8 point Sac locking system for windows or our 10 point high security door lock, we never compromise on ensuring security, along with aesthetics and energy performance are 'standard' on all our products. Hard wearing, durable windows. It's all in the design making our products the safe choice for your home.

Window Security

Hard wearing, durable windows. Its all in the design.

However important windows are to the style of your house, the security they offer is even more important. The more confident you feel inside your home, the happier you’ll be.

Our SAC shootbolt locking system is specially designed to improve security and performance that is second to none. It also takes pressure away from the hinges, ensuring a longer life for your windows. The tight seal guarantees superb weather protection too, so you’ll feel safe and secure in every way.

Features and benefits

Door security

Doors are at the heart of your home’s security and we design our products to ensure that visitors to your home are only the welcome ones.

Not only do all our doors meet industry standards, but we also work closely with the police under the ‘Secure by Design’ scheme to make sure our customers enjoy the best possible protection and peace of mind.

So, whether it’s our security hinges, state of the art 10 point locking system, our dedication to security is second to none.

Features and benefits